OPUS E – the fine art of love in perfectly beautiful form.

The Opus E masturbator is a true masterpiece in every respect. It masters the art of making love the most beautiful thing in the world in three ways: as a vaginal version with a pussy pretty as a painting, as an anal version with an inviting anus and as a seductively sweet donut version. With Opus E, true art lovers spontaneously reach for their tools themselves and embark with delight on a sensual journey of discovery into deeper realms.

Coochie in a Can & Bro on the go

Everything goes with our MasturbatTIN tasty asses. Each one feels super soft and completely natural, loves to spread his cheeks, but is tempting in his own way.

The twisted Swirl Girl, a strikingly dotted Dotty Dora and with her fine rib structure Ribbed Rita. And also their brothers the twisted Curly Curtis, the strikingly dotted Dotty Donny and Ribbed Ricky with a fine rib structure.

Geishaballs  Mystim
Practice makes perfect orgasms.
With our new geisha balls you train like a pro: with soft electrical muscle stimulation for most efficient kegel exercising ever.
Only one will control your orgasms.
Our new remote controlled electrostimulator is one of a kind: Not only does our Cluster Buster feature 12 stimulation and 5 training modes (e.g. for kegel training), but he can control an unlimited amount of e-stim toys at the same time.
Have a break

Have an Eric.
Or a Simon or Danny or
any one of the six new Vibes.

Their vibrant colors and
silent double vibration
will have you simply melting away.

Most wanted